Easily Send or Exchange Money in your City or across the World

We connect you with your peers to get it done!

Why Akwewa?

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer

Get in touch directly with other individuals for sending or exchanging money, cut out banks and forex intermediaries.



All transactions are coded and users verified. We serve as buffer to make sure your privacy is protected.



No transaction is too small. Send or exchange money where other services don’t operate or in currencies them don’t transact in.

How It Works?

Activate your Account

Download the app, register by providing information such as: surname, first name, nickname, email and password. Receive an activation code in your Email account and type it back in the app to confirm your registration.

Find existing transactions

Search for an existing transaction by providing information such as: amount, currency and, expedition and destination country. Select in the suggestion the one that matches with your need of transaction. Connect with the originator of the transaction to agree on the conditions for the transaction. Get the transaction code

Publish a transaction

Save your transaction in the case there is no transaction matching yours (a transaction with the same or approximatively the same amount and coming from the country you are sending money to). You will be notified as soon as there is a request for using your transaction.

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